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"HIDATAKAYAMA MEAT" is a restaurant and shop that has been renovated from a two-story museum built from cypress wood located on Sanmachi Street where an old townscape lined with mansions, townhouses, and sake breweries built from the end of the Edo period to the middle of the Meiji period, and designated as a nationally important traditional buildings preservation district.

Address 69 Kamisanno-machi, Takayama-city, Gifu, 506-0846 (previously known as Fujii Museum)
TEL 0577-57-7155
Opening Hours 【1F Gift Shop】 8:30~18:00
【2F Restaurant】 11:00~15:00
Regular Holiday Wednesday
Number of seats 54 seats
  • 1F Gift Shop
  • 2F Restaurant
1F Gift Shop
1FGift Shop

We have a selection of carefully selected products from Hida Takayama.

"Hida Takayama Meat Gift Shop" sells processed Hida beef and Hida pork products and dressings, as well as additive-free hams, sausages, and bacon made using PLEASUREPORK. Also, Hida beef and PLEASUREPORK (Hida pork) used in the restaurant are cut on the spot to your desired size. They can also be shipped directly to your designated address.

2F Restaurant

With carefully selected Hida beef.
A restaurant where you can enjoy Hida Takayama PLEASURE PORK

"Hida Takayama Meat Restaurant'' is on the second floor, which has a high ceiling and an open feel, serves carefully selected Hida beef steaks and 100% Hida beef hamburger steaks.
Hamburger steaks, which is a blend of Hida beef and PLEASUREPORK (Hida pork) in a particular ratio, is also our specialty.

In addition, you can also enjoy alcohol such as rare domestic whiskey, wine, local sake, and local beer with your meal.

A restaurant and gift shop located in the tourist attraction “Old Townscape”
A restaurant and gift shop located in the tourist attraction “Old Townscape”

「"Hida Takayama Meat'' is located on the left side of the "Old Townscape", a famous tourist attraction in Hida Takayama, about a 1-minute walk from Yasukawa Shopping Street.
The old townscape is an area with many sightseeing spots, famous sake breweries in Hida, and shops and famous places that are fun to just stroll around, so please feel free to stop at there.

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